Evaluating Service Quality in Automobile Firms in Ghana: a Case Study of Vodi Technik Motors Ltd (VTML)

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Service quality is the major driving force for business sustainability in today's competitive global market place, it is recognized that after sales service, high quality is essential for the success of any automobile firm, when other factors have been considered, it leads to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and high profitability, it is often said that the salesman sells one vehicle and the workshop sells (after sales service) the rest, therefore a key strategy for customer focused is to measure, monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction. The study therefore aimed at finding out, the factors that account for customer dissatisfaction, the level and nature of after sale service quality in automobile firms in Ghana, the determinants of customer-perceived service quality and to make recommendations to improve service quality in automobile industry in Ghana. Customers perceive service quality mainly in the moment of interaction with the service provider. Thus for the quality management of services, it is important to understand which service encounter the customer perceives as positive and which is negative. Ofi the basis of this understanding the physical environment of the service must be customer friendly. Customer kindness, that is "the front office personnel" approach to the customer and his problems, regardless of the service delivered; is the only factor to have significant relationship with future car servicing intentions, future car purchase intentions, and word- of-month recommendations.
A dissertation submitted to KNUST School of Business in partial fulfillment for the requirement of Master of Business Administration Programme , 2007

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