Repair of a portion of Pakuso-Kumasi Road

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The basic aim of physical planning is to improve the physical environment of communities and thus raise the stan¬dard of living and increase the welfare of the people. Much has been achieved in this field with regard to the urban areas where communal projects are implemented by the government dep¬artments. But in the rural areas, there is a serious lack of implementing Plans. Many villages, especially in Ashanti, have had layouts for a number of years without the implementation of a single communal project. There are various reasons for this neglect. In some villages the people lack initiative and see no reason why they should undertake some projects through communal labour, after paying taxes to the Local Council which is supposed to provide all communal amenities and services. Some of the Local Councils too are very irresponsible because of maladministration and misuse of money. In some of the villages, the people have the ini¬tiative, they understand why they should implement some projects themselves, but they lack the necessary technical know-how, proper organization, programming, and leadership. Therefore a project may best started and abandoned when it is half-way through or nearing completion. All these people need help and encouragement. The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development is giving all the help it can in this direction, but much more is needed. The development of the country depends mostly on the rural areas whore raw materials for industries and food to feed the workers are produced, and where most of the people live. Also, the recent awareness of most of these communities to improve their lot through communal labour and voluntary contributions, calls for urgent technical advice and help. Proper guidance and the needed technical aid will inspire them to undertake more projects. This may arouse the unconcerned villages to join in this important crusade of national development.
A Project Report presented to the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in patial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Diploma in Physical planning, 1967