The exploration of near-extinct indigenous Ghanaian cultural symbols for interior decoration

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Cogent OA
The culture and artistic heritage of Ghana have been endorsed by the rich influence of Akan symbols like Adinkra, the akuaba doll, and others from various ethnic groups. However, the integration of ethnically unique near-extinct symbols into an art piece to highlight the cultural diversity of Ghana for wall hanging is rare. This work brings to life indigenous Ghanaian symbols on the verge of extinction from four ethnic groups, namely, the Akan, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe, and Mole-Dagbani to design a wall hanging for interior decoration, especially for public spaces by adopting Cora Marshal’s aesthetico research to generate a “Quali-Aesthetico” model. The design aesthetically ingrained conceptual aboriginal art and near-extinct indigenous Ghanaian symbols from the four ethnic groups as inspiration. The creative integration of these symbols yielded an interesting art piece that provides a unique ambiance for a simulated interior-decorated airport and an art gallery suitably displayed on flat interior surfaces. Besides the artistic expression of the art piece, interpretations of the uniquely combined symbols and their philosophical meanings have been provided to educate the public about the rich Ghanaian cultural heritage. The art piece also seeks to preserve near-extinct identity symbols and create a sense of belonging for the younger generation.
Ofori, E.A., Tawiah, B., Asinyo, B.K., Adomako, K.A. and Eghan, B., 2023. The exploration of near-extinct indigenous Ghanaian cultural symbols for interior decoration. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 10(1), p.2243715

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