Exploring critical success factors for stakeholders’ management in engineering installation projects in Ghana.

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November, 2019
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Engineering project includes all components of manufacturing or processing plant design, whether fresh, modification or expansion works which involves planning, scheduling, implementation and controlling processes in each of the project phases. Proper management of these will lead to the project being completed. But because of incorrect stakeholder management, significant projects are not accomplished within timeline. Many critical factors were identified by the researcher to have direct or indirect impact on the project success as a result of improper management of stakeholders and these factors must be examined. This paper therefore aimed to identify critical success factors and their level of impact for managing stakeholders in engineering project installations. The researcher used a methodological quantitative method based on deductive reasoning to sample views of engineers in project management fields. Thirty four (34) critical success factors were recognized through the literature review process. Hundred and thirty (130) questionnaires were sent to project managers/managers, Directors, supervisors and technicians in the industry with these thirty four (34) critical success factors part of the questions sent; one hundred and seventeen (117) responses were fully retrieved from the respondent and analyzed. The top three ranked stakeholder management factors were "Identification of stakeholders, managing stakeholders with social responsibility, and development of suitable policies for stakeholder management. Base on the opinion of respondents analyzed, the Relative Importance Index values obtained, falls between 0.5449 and 0.9275 which implies that all the factors identified were very important to project success but have distinct impact level. From the findings, the researcher recommends that Project managers should carry out a stakeholder profiling in order for an efficient stakeholder management strategies to be drafted to ensure proper coordination of projects.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award degree of Master of Science Project Management.
Stakeholder management, Critical factors, Engineering project installation.