Characterization of pectin extracted from muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)

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Journal of Science and Technology
Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) fruits are cultivated for their seeds, but the peels are potential sources of pectin for food and pharmaceutical applications. The objective of this study was to extract and characterize pectin from muskmelon peels subjected to two different drying techniques. The pectin was extracted using acid treatment and the structure, chemical composition and functional properties determined. Oven and solar dried muskmelon pectin extracts gave comparable yields (6.48% and 5.27%), high degree of methylation (60.53 and 64.97%) and anhydrouronic acid content of 46.99% and 56.60%, respectively. Intrinsic viscosity was 0.3 gdL-1 irrespective of drying technique used. The pectin extracts from the oven and solar dried muskmelon demonstrated good water absorption (208g/100g and 269g/100g), oil absorption (237g/100g and 152g/100g) and emulsion (50% and 46%) capacities, respectively. The different drying techniques used did not significantly influence physicochemical and functional properties. The findings show that muskmelon pectin are high methoxyl pectin with good functional properties which can be tailored for use in food and pharmaceutical formulations.
This is an article published in Journal of Ghana Science Association, Volume 20(1), 2021
Journal of Ghana Science Association, Volume 20(1), 2021