Diversifying the usages of Asanka Bowls

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In Ghana pottery basically comprises cooler, akatekyewa, asanka bowls and flower pots. Traditionally, cooler is used for storing water, akatekyewa for storing medicine and cooking, asanka bowl for grinding and as an eating bowl, and flower pots for growing flowers. Research proves that for the past four decades the use of these products have fallen drastically, resulting to the collapse of most local pottery centers. The fall of their usages are due to the fact that, technological products have been substituted for pottery products. For instance refrigerator has replaced cooler, blender and plastic bowls for asanka bowls, plastic flower vases for flower pots etc. This alarming situation if not curbed will lead to the loss of our prestigious pottery forms. Therefore, using the asanka bowl as a case study in the pursuit of addressing this challenge. The research aims at establishing the possibility of using asanka bowl as an art medium to diversify its conventional usages. This will serve as alternative choice for local potters, sellers and users to envision asanka bowls beyond their customary form and uses. Hence breaking the conventional perception for it. With devised objectives mainly to study the conventional asanka bowl, design and develop a modified asanka bowl for the production of wall mural and fountain. The diversification however, is not a means to utterly distort the asanka bowl beyond recognition since it is a traditional artefact with prestige but it is a preservative technique that will aid to explore other forms and usages of asanka bowls the contemporary art approach. Inversely, this is an attempt to enlighten our local potters to explore intensively the possibility of producing beyond conventional purposes of the other pottery wares and salvage our dying pottery.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry in the College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Philosophy (Clay and Earthenware Technology).
Pottery, Asanka Bowls, Ghana