Decision-making practices of construction firms in Accra Ghana

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Decision-making is critical in any industry and the construction industry is not exempt from this, since the construction process requires many decisions to be made. In terms of strategic decision as well, these companies need to make them so that they can remain competitive in the industry. Therefore, this study was to determine the decision-making practices of construction firms in Ghana, and the objectives included identifying the decisions making practices and the factors, which influenced these decision-making practices. Identifying these would help in proffering recommendations for the best practices in decision-making. Previous works were reviewed to help establish gaps in the area of decision-making. The research relied on a quantitative strategy that allowed for the use of questionnaires to elicit data from respondents made up of building contractors and other construction professionals from firms within the industry using the census sampling. Based on the analysis of the data that is the use of mean score ranking it was revealed that the characteristics of strategic decision-making associated with construction firms focused on their long term organizational objectives and projects, management of firm resources and maintaining their competitive advantage. Their decision-making processes were influenced by certain internal and external factors, and the most significant among them included their implementation plans, past decisions and cognitive biases. It was recommended that decisionmaking processes should be collective, and that there be relevant training for the managers who have to make such strategic decisions for the construction firms. The firms should also have regular internal training for all personnel to aid them in making these strategic decisions and also adhering to them so they can be achieved
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Decision-Making, Construction firms, Strategic decision, Training, Ghana