The Ghanaian jewellery industry: it’s problems and solutions

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It is probably unusual for anyone to write mainly on problems and solutions to the Ghanaian Jewellery Industry. Other writers have however, mentioned problems and solutions in the Jewellery industry in their writing, but not in much details s the present author. In writing therefore o “The Ghanaian Jewellery Industry: Its Problem and Solutions”, the author was motivated by the fact that others who have written about the in industry, have done so from artistic point of view. T ere is therefore the need to look at the thesis as a document that when published, would serve as a better reference book for researchers, craftsmen, and hobbyists. It can also be used as a t aching aid, and also by policy makers. This is because this thesis is more informative than those of previous writers. Because many of the practising goldsmiths, another Jewellery manufacturer are illiterate, they do not keep written records on their productions and operations. It was therefore very difficult getting information from them. The goldsmiths therefore, relied mainly on their memory to give any information to the researcher. Also, near y all goldsmiths and Jewellers, because of suspicion, were not ready to give out information or data. The writer also relied mainly on other written materials from libraries, newspapers, interviews and personal observations to come out with the thesis. Institutions contacted for the research are from libraries like the British Council Library, College of Art Library (KNUST), KNUST main Library, the Ghana Library Board, and USAID Library. The following institutions were also contacted for data: CEPS, NBSSI, PMMC, GEPC, IRS, GIPC, and Federation of Ghanaian Jewellers, Local Radio Stations, Insurance Companies, and G.T.B.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Arts degree in African Art, 2001